First Nations Outreach Project

Civil Rights Project (First Nations Commission On Civil Rights)

Our guiding principles concerning Civil and Human Rights.


While the United States Constitution is the controlling power of the American government, the People are the controlling Power of the constitution.

The right of the People to enforce,correct, change, modify or even abolish the United States Constitution is carved in stone, and is unimpeachable by any portion of the governments either state or federal.

 The constitution enumerates the rights of individuals, for without the individual rights, any individual can be cast into despair and their rights convoluted by the government.

 In order to protect and defend the rights of the People as a whole, we must therefore defend and protect the rights of every individual.

 The rights of every person to be free from tyranny, pain and suffering, unjust imprisonment, persecution and death at the hands of the government shall not be disparaged.

  Governments shall not be allowed to abridge the rights of any individual or any group of individuals in any way.

  The usurpation of the rights of the People have gone unchallenged until now, however we shall fight in any manner prescribed by the US Constitution to preserved the liberty, freedoms and dignity of all American Citizens.

  As First Nations People we have separate but equal rights as defined in the 14th amendment. However, in order to insure that our rights are secured, we must also, as must all People fight to secure the rights of every individual in this country, in our own best interest.

 We devote our selves to the undying efforts of defending our constitution against any encroachment. Violation or usurpation of power by and government entity.

 We dedicate our efforts to protecting the liberty, freedoms. lives and happiness of every person regardless of ethnicity. Station in life or state of servitude.

 All people are entitled to life, liberty and justice. While the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee justice, it is strongly implied and we shall with undying vigor work to establish the guarantee within our constitution.

 We will fight for the rights of every person who is in danger of losing any right to the very best of our ability and with every means available to us.

 We will work to correct any law that is passed by our governments, federal, state, county or municipal that does not adhere to the U. S. Constitution in the strictest manner.

 We will fight to cause the U.S. Supreme Court to cease interpreting the U.S. Constitution, a long standing practice that is not sanctioned by the United States Constitution. The constitution belongs to the People not the courts.

 We believe that the true strength in diversity, is the ability to work together with one accord.

 We stand firm on the fact that rights given to People by their Creator can not be abolished by governments nor may they be altered, changed or usurped.

 We believe that the individual rights of the People are the foundation for all liberties as long as no individual imposes on others actions, influences, coercion, or treatment of any kind that would deny or reduce the rights of another person or group of persons.

 It is our goal to help to bring the knowledge of rights protected for the people to every individual.

 It is our goal to defend the rights of every individual.

 The guiding principles lead us to the ultimate goal of Liberty and Justice for all, not only in our pledge of allegiance, but in fact and deed and secured by our constitution as well.