Indian Sovereignty In Danger

Depending on what the Trump Administration means by , privatizing” Tribal Land. Tribal Sovereignty could very well be under direct threat over the next four years.

The only good things is that International Treaty Law is on the side of Tribes.

How adamantly Tribes demand enforcement of International law, U.S. Federal Law, and Treaties made by the United States with Indian Nations as well as establishing Tribal Enforcement of both Tribal Laws and International Treaty laws, may be the only means of defending Indian Country from the greed of billionaires determined to strip every natural resource from Tribal Land to line their pockets with wealth that in their minds belongs to them any way.

It will require that Sovereign Tribal Nations stand in unity and deny the billionaires the chance to get on track to steal Tribal Land, remove Treaty Protections and take every natural resource on every inch on Tribal Land.

The next four years may be the hardest battle against attacks on Tribal Sovereignty in the last 200 years.

If the billionaires are successful, Tribal Sovereignty will become extinct along with the cultures and and Peoples of every Tribal Nation in the United States.

Their goals are simple, take the resources and leave nothing behind. There are no Tribal Nation in this country that are not familiar with the destruction left behind when the billionaires and millionaires come into Indian Country and take resources. The evidence is the radio active uranium tailing s, destroyed land and broken lives and people left behind when they leave.

There is little left and promises of a better way of life is like them many other broken promises made by those who insisted on treaties that were made with Tribal Nations be broken so they could profit.

A strong unified front, not only by Tribal Nations, but those who believe that Tribal Sovereignty must stay intact is crucial. More so now than ever before.

The greed today resembles the greed that erupted when gold was found in Georgia in 1828.

The1828 Georgia Gold Rush was the second significant gold find in the United States and eventually resulted in the passage of the Indian Removal Act. The Indian Removal Act was passed by Congress on May 28, 1830, during the presidency of Andrew Jackson, who signed it into law two days later.

Greed driven legislation is never favorable to those whose lands and lives are at risk. Only the greedy prosper from such legislation as this.

Now once again, after a period of having to defend Tribal Lands and Sovereignty again and again, Both are now at the greatest risk they have known for generations.

If Donald Trump has his way, Tribal Land will be privatized, Tribal Sovereignty will be stripped away and resources will be stolen by words on someone else's paper once again and Tribal Land will become the land of private land owners rather than Tribal Members.

The man who promised to make America Great again, has made the deal of the century. Now he intends to make the pay off to his billionaire friends using Tribal Resources and Tribal Land.

This time, there will be no Indian Removal Act. It will simply be the Indian Extinction Act !